frequently asked questions

What is Project Witness?
Project Witness is a comprehensive, non-profit Holocaust Resource Center. We provide academically grounded and religiously sensitive Holocaust educational resources for diverse communities worldwide.
What makes Project Witness unique?
Project Witness is committed to providing a thorough grounding in Holocaust history while exploring the spiritual, intellectual, and ethical responses of Holocaust survivors and victims.
What does spiritual resistance, which is discussed in Witness to History , Project Witness's groundbreaking textbook, mean?
Spiritual resistance refers to the ways Jews in occupied Europe, particularly in the hellish ghettos and concentration camps of Eastern Europe, heroically struggled against impossible odds to maintain their Jewish values. This includes the many Jews who maintained their religious faith in the worst of circumstances, as well as those who organized and maintained charitable and cultural initiatives under German rule. They did so at great risk to their own lives, as a matter of conviction — a spiritual revolt pitting Judaism's life-affirming values of intellect, compassion, and the sanctity of life against the Nazi ethos of violence, racism, and death.
How much does Witness to History cost?
Witness to History is listed for $60 as discounted price . To order your copy of Witness to History, please click here.
For more information about the Witness to History Teacher's Guide and other educational initiatives, please click here.
Is Witness to History only for schools?
While formal Holocaust education is our foremost goal, Witness to History has garnered an overwhelmingly positive response from readers of all ages and backgrounds around the globe and can be found in countless private homes and libraries.
Would Project Witness provide a lecturer for a community or school event?
Please contact us for more information.
Where can I find information about a specific topic in Holocaust history?
Send your question to our Ask the Expert. We generally respond within five to seven business days.
Does the DVD at the back of Witness to History have new information or is it similar to the textbook in its content?
The Witness to History DVD addresses entirely new areas of interest, which the book does not cover.