When One Plants with Tears, One Will Reap in Song. Psalms 126:5
Voices Survivors, children of survivors, and scholars reveal the different faces of the Holocaust experience and its impact.

Children of the Lager
- Ruth Lichtenstein
Until recently, few have written about or even acknowledged the toll the Holocaust has exacted on children of the survivors. "Children of the Lager" (concentration camp) breaks this silence through powerful first-hand recollections.

This story’s author, Ruth Lichtenstein, a noted newspaper and magazine publisher, is a Holocaust educator and scholar with a unique insight on this subject.

She is also a child of Holocaust survivors.
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Thoughts on the Holocaust
- An interview with Sir Martin Gilbert
Winston Churchill’s official biographer and renowned historian of the Holocaust, Sir Martin Gilbert, recalls his journey to postwar Poland, an encounter with personal history that would shape a life dedicated to restoring our past - and revealing its truths.
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Beyond Survival
- Rabbi Yoseph Wallis
In recent decades, historians have explored how family stories passed down through the years can often provide an invaluable window to the unfolding of larger historical events.

In Beyond Survival, Rabbi Yoseph Wallis provides just such a witness to history, in recounting how his parents, both survivors of Auschwitz and Dachau, made their way from postwar Europe to the land they would help transform into Israel.
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Black Is a Color
- Stan (Shlomo) Lebovic, Artist
A son of a Holocaust survivor, artist and author Stan (Shlomo) Lebovic creates work that is deeply personal and profoundly moving. Lebovic’s current project, Black Is a Color, featured on this website, focuses on the Holocaust and explores the nature of evil and the struggle to transcend it. The evocative images, as illustrated by the artwork on this page, bridge past and present in a powerful message of remembrance and transformation.
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Iasi: A Stain on History, an Ache in My Heart
- Rabbi Eliyahu Safran
My late father (z”l) was a special man – scholarly, pious, wise. A man whose eyes spoke of understandings unfathomable to me when I was young and whose strength and full impressiveness only come into clearest focus as I myself have gotten older.
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