Rosja: Escaping Hitler Was Only The Beginning

Rosja: Escaping Hitler Was Only The Beginning

(For women and girls)
documentary screenings

5:00pm & 8:00pm. Admission: $25.00

For more info call (718) 305-5244 Ext 221, 244


Poland 1939

One-and-a-half-million Jews, wanted by Nazi Germany, unwanted by Communist Russia. Where do they run?

As the Nazi cloud grows darker, many give up everything to cross into “Rosja” hoping to escape the erupting inferno. What they find is just another nightmare.

The story of the unwanted Jewish ‘guests’ in Stalinist Russia is one of impossible choices, unbearable suffering and incredible survival. Yet, with so little documented about their plight, it is in danger of being completely erased from the history of the Holocaust.

Project Witness has effectively preserved hundreds of Holocaust stories, through high-quality documentaries, educational programs and awareness events that connect with the rising generation of young Jews.

July 18, 2018
Ateres Golda
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