Rosh Hashanah In Hiding

Naomi Rosenberg, along with her mother and two surviving siblings, was given refuge by a Polish farmer's wife in a crawl space beneath a barn for nearly two years. In her poignant memoir, Hide: A Child's View of the Holocaust, Naomi recorded:
"Now it was Rosh Hashanah 1943, and everything that I didn't take seriously when I was younger, plus all the horrors that had happened in the past two years were facing me at age ten. The worst horror was that I might never live to be eleven. I was facing death from hunger or from frost. We were all facing death perhaps from some dreaded disease that could come to us in this most unsanitary nest...We might all die from the dreaded bullets at the hands of the German murders or Polish collaborators.'
"And yet in the midst of our crying while in our huddle we wished each other 'Shana Tova', a good year. 'Shanah mevurechet' , a year filled with blessing. And of course we wished each other 'Shnat Chaim', a year of life". (pg 101)
Naomi Rosenberg was niftar at the age of 80, the day after Rosh Hashanah 5773, on Shabbos, September 7, 2013.


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