"Witness to History is a comprehensive history of the Holocaust geared to advanced high school and college readers, as well as to a general audience. The primary focus of the book is to provide a well-organized and grippingly presented academic Holocaust history to a wide range of audiences. The work is unique, however, in that it covers with specific sensitivity the experience of religious Jews during the Holocaust in a manner that other texts often overlook. It thus deepens our insights of the victimization of all Jews––and all others targeted by the Nazis. Witness to History is a clear, comprehensive, and lucid account of the history, richly illustrated and well documented."
Dr. Michael Berenbaum
Former director of the Research Institute at the United States Holocaust Museum and executive editor, Encyclopaedia Judaica, second edition
"Witness to History is a valuable educational resource for use by teachers and laypersons alike, for studying and teaching the many aspects of the catastrophe that befell the Jews of Europe during the Nazi era."
Dr. Randolph L. Braham
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Graduate Center/City University of New York
"Witness to History is an important contribution to educational resources on the Holocaust. Encyclopedic in scope, the book covers everything needed to allow students to understand the methods by which Nazi Germany sought to exterminate the Jews of Europe. Moreover, the book includes extensive discussion on Jewish life before and after the catastrophe. Eyewitness accounts are integrated into the text in a way that allows readers to see the unfolding tragedy through the eyes of victims and survivors. This is a book that belongs in every Jewish school, synagogue, and home."
Dr. Abraham J. Edelheit
Author of eleven books on the Holocaust, including The Yishuv in the Shadow of the Holocaust
"Ruth Lichtenstein has performed an amazing service for anyone who wishes to see the Holocaust through the eyes of her community. Her work is clear, accurate, unbiased, and encyclopedic. It is faithful to the facts and written with a deft touch….This is not an 'Orthodox' history. It is a history….This book is a long overdue masterpiece. It belongs in every home, library, and classroom."
Rabbi Nosson Sherman
Rabbi Nosson Sherman